71-Year-Old Man Crosses the Atlantic in a Barrel

May 9, 2019

A French former pilot spent 128 days floating across the Atlantic Ocean in an orange barrel he made himself.

Jean-Jacques Savin departed from the Canary Islands off the coast of Africa on December 26th and arrived more than four months later to the Caribbean island of St. Eustatius.

According to CNN, the 71-year-old made the over 2,900-mile journey alone in a 10 feet long by 7 feet wide capsule, which featured a small kitchen, bed and some room for storage. 

Although he fed on fish he caught himself, Savin also brought two bottles of wine and a block of foie gras for New Year's Eve and his birthday.

The small vessel had no engine and traveled about two miles an hour strictly on the ocean current. His initial plan was to reach the Caribbean by the end of March, but the unpredictability of the sea delayed him by a month.

"Everything has an end ... finally, here I am at the end of this adventure," Savin wrote on Facebook after touching dry land for the first time this year.

The adventurer plans to fly back to his home in France.  

Sounds like a great idea!