Watch Camila Cabello Lose Her Wig in the 'My Oh My' Video

Doll Face strikes back

February 13, 2020

Listen up Hollywood, you don’t have Camila Cabello to push around anymore. The singer stuns in her new video for “My Oh My,” reveling in the retro to tell the story of a woman tired of being told who she can be.

Cabello stars as an old-timey actress, exhausted by being the good girl and the damsel in distress and looking to be the hero. When "doll face" is faced with a wall of “no,” she literally loses her wig and finds an ally in DaBaby. Together they take on the town, and Cabello becomes the kind of star she was destined to be.

“My Oh My” is the latest single and video from Cabello’s Romance album which arrived in December. “I knew that I wanted to call this album 'Romance' before I was even in the studio writing it,” she told RADIO.COM last year. “I remember writing like a manifesto for what I wanted the album to make people feel and how I wanted it to make me feel.”

“I knew because of what I was living at the time that all the songs were going to be about love and being in love,” she continued. “I was in my first serious relationship at the time when I kind of came up with the idea for 'Romance' and making an album that was just dedicated to love and all its phases.”

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