Taylor Swift's Next Album Title: Best Fan Theories

April 29, 2019

Taylor Swift has had Swifties buzzing for info ever since she dropped her latest single featuring Brendon Urie, “ME!." Shortly after the release, she revealed on Twitter that the name of her upcoming album was hidden somewhere in the music video. 

Swift fans immediately began to scour the video for clues, looking for anything that might point to a possible song or album title, and using social media to brainstorm and put together the best ideas. Here are the frontrunners so far: 


The first obvious theory for an album title was “Lover,” based on the bright pink, neon sign that appears in the video. 

However, the “Lover” album title theory has been reduced to a “Lover” song title theory. Swifties thoroughly believe that the album title is still hidden in the video, while the word “Lover” is reserved for an upcoming track on TS7.


Other fans have picked up on angel and angel wing motifs throughout the video, leading them to believe that the next album could be titled “Angel.”

However, many fans disagree, and while fans everywhere continue to pick out the most obvious words and images, many firm investigators believe that some of the obvious choices are probably too obvious, and continue to dig a little deeper for hidden clues. 


There’s one theory that seems to overwhelm the other options, though. Considering the patterns and colors of the video, most Swifties seem to believe that TS7 will actually be titled “Kaleidoscope.” In fact, one fan in particular has mapped out a detailed list of clues as to why this theory could potentially overrule them all.

Even amidst all of the research done by dedicated followers, Swift herself remains pretty tightlipped about any further clues. When asked in an interview with Smallzy of Nova 96.9 if the "Kaleidoscope" theory was correct, the 'ME!' songstress responded, “I’m not gonna comment."

Swift is the queen of hidden messaging and secret clues, but the latest release has Swifties going full detective mode on the recent single. Many are even unpacking old merch and lyrics to try to piece together any answers they possibly can about what’s to come.