A woman's wrist on a pink background

Dmitry Bakulov

Women Storm Social Media with Pics of Identical Wrist Freckles

May 30, 2019

Ladies, check your arm over.

We'll wait.

Give it a good look and see if you find what thousands and thousands of women on social media have found -- a single freckle, darker than the rest.

Why's it there? No one knows.

But social media is exploding after a thread on Twitter seemed to discover that many women share the same feature.

The frenzy started with one woman who posted a pic of her own freckle and observed that many other women seem to have it, too.

She had no idea what she started. One woman responded, "why do I feel like I never had this freckle until I read this tweet?"

You thought we were all unique snowflakes? Think again. And check for freckles.

No docs have weighed in on what appears to be widespread. But one woman pointed out it could be a "connection to Eve."

Some on social media have pointed out that if you're missing the wrist freckle you should check your breasts because that's where many women share a freckle, too.