1Thing: Easy Ways to Reduce Family Plastic Waste

July 30, 2018

Each year there's about 8.8 Million tons of plastic trash that ends up in the ocean. This Plastic waste is causing problems w/ the eco-system endangering wildlife, polluting the water and causing a big health risk for all who live on Earth. Doing 1THING as a family to help the environment fight against Plastic.  Planet over Plastic is a must.   

Single-use plastic items account for 40% of plastic waste. There are several easy 1THINGS a family can do together to help cut Plastic waste. Getting your kids involved will help keep the recycling / reuse cycle going and will help the Environment in which we all live together. 

  • Straws: Stop using single - use disposable straws. Go for colorful reusable straws. Cut down the 500 million straws Americans use in one day! That's a Bunch!
  • Ice Cream: When getting a scoop at your favorite Ice Cream shop. Go for the cone rather than the cup  / spoon. No plastic used or needed since it's all edible!
  • Birthday Goodie Bags: Make the birthday goodie treats eco-friendly by cutting out the plastic bags / toys. Pick eco-friendly treats by staying clear of plastics. Edible treats and other non-plastic toys. Homemade/eco-craft items
  • Leaner Lunch: Children ages 8-12 throw away about 67lbs of lunch trash each year. Stop using the single-use sandwich bags. Go for cloth or beeswax srappers. Put an apple, banana or orange in w/ lunch. They don't need wrappers. 
  • Don't Float Away: Inflatables are fun but don't let them float away. Keep using them, rather than leaving them to end up in landfills or the ocean.
  • Recycle Right: Find out what can be recyled properly.
  • Ban the Bottle:  Have your kiddos pick their own reusable water bottle and hang on to it. Rather than using liquid soap from a plastic container, pick a bar soap that works. Get rid of as many bottles you can by switching them up w/ items that don't require a plastic container that will be thrown away after 1 use.
  • Buy in Bulk: Buy things like popcorn, cereal and pasta in bulk to cut down packaging waste. Use your containers. 
  • Trash Troopers: Sign your family up for a community cleanup teaching your kiddos how important a clean environment is to their Health & Happiness as well as Mama Earth.

More details here showing how easy it is for families to reduce their plastic use and have fun too!