Jaguars Asked, She Answered: The compliment Lauren Jauregui Wants to Hear

This character trait is what she wants to be known for

February 22, 2019

Lauren Jauregui can sing - we know that. With solo singles "Expectations" and "More Than That" taking off, the 22-year-old's vocal and performance abilities have been pretty well established.But there are other aspects to a well-rounded person, and one Jaguar wanted to get the details on what makes Lauren tick.

Sara from New Jersey asked Lauren what her favorite character trait to be complimented on was, and it didn't take her long to come up with an answer - which probably explains the answer itself! Check it out in the video above.

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Lauren sat on the hot seat for several other questions from fans in our series of AMA exclsuives. Click here for more of her answers, including the one below about how Cheerios fit Into her pre-show ritual.