Maroon 5, Guns N' Roses Make Sara Bareilles' Life Playlist in Our #SML Podcast

From the singer-songwriter's earliest musical memories to present day

April 15, 2019
Singer/songwriter Sara Bareilles performs at Bowery Ballroom on March 22, 2019 in New York City

Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images

Sara Bareilles just finished performing on Saturday Night Live after releasing her first album of original material since 2013.  Amidst the Chaos is an emotional album injected with politics, feminism and love.

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Like most artists, the singer-songwriter and actress put a wide range of influences into a blender to come with the lyrics and music she creates. Bareilles told RADIO.COM it started with some of the music her parents listened to.

In our latest Score My Life podcast, Bareilles talked about the songs on her life playlist, her favorite bands to tour with and the new music-inspired television series she’s working on.

Jackson 5: Jackson 5 Christmas Album

Guns N’ Roses: Welcome To The Jungle

Limited Edition: Someone To Watch Over Me

Maroon 5: Sunday Morning

Kara’s Flowers: Stagg Street Recordings

Ben Folds: Zak and Sara

Chairlift (everything)

Sara Bareilles: Brave

Bleachers: I Wanna Get Better

Sara Bareilles: Poor Pirates

Chess Soundtrack (musical)

Stevie Wonder: Sir Duke

Ben Platt: Grow As We Grow

Sara Bareilles: Saint Honesty