EXCLUSIVE: Mike Posner Was In Awe of Demi Lovato at the GRAMMY's

How even his green hair didn't steal from Demi's perfection

October 30, 2018

As we've been chronicling the life of Mike Posner we've so far we've learned how he got his start in the music business and how he handled himself next a few hip-hop and R&B icons.

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Now, we're learning about the "Song About You' singer's surreal experience at GRAMMY Awards in 2017.

You may remember the 59th Annual GRAMMY Awards as the night Posner and Blackbear showed up with bright green hair. Posner remembers it as the night Demi Lovato was perfection. Not even the glowing locks could outshine the pop queen that night.

Meanwhile, Posner is back to making jams after releasing back-to-back poetry books earlier this year. The Detroit-native dropped "Song About You" back in September. The track details getting over an ex with a pretty hype beat. Posner recently told Billboard how the song came together.