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Meghan McCain Asks Taylor Swift to Meet Fan with Brain Cancer Before Philly Show

The woman, @LEXIandIKnnowit, was diagnosed with the same cancer as McCain's father, Senator John McCain

July 7, 2018

Meghan McCain hopes Taylor Swift will meet a young fan diagnosed with glioblastoma, the same brain cancer that has affected McCain's father, Senator John McCain, during Swift's upcoming concert in Philadelphia.

On Thursday, Meghan McCain amplified the tweet of one of the fan's friends, writing, "Hey @taylorswift13 -- we have never met, but anyway you can meet Lexi at your concert in Philly? She is fighting the same #glioblastoma cancer my father has and this would make both of our days! xo - Meghan McCain."

In a subsequent tweet, this time directed at the young fan herself, McCain pledged to "do her best" to facilitate the meeting. The View  co-host later added, "Still trying to work some magic so @LEXIandIKnnowit can meet @taylorswift13 at her concert in Philly on July 14th. Lexi is bravely fighting the same #glioblastoma my father has -- let's use the internet for good and please retweet so we can make Lexi's wish come true!"

Read McCain's tweets below.

Swift, who is currently traveling the country in support of her 2017 smash-hit album, reputation, has already made a pair of sick fans' dreams come true during her tour. In May, Swift visited an 8-year-old fan who was badly burned before her Arizona tour stop; later that same month, in Seattle, Swift made sure to meet a 13-year-old concertgoer who was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma.