Brendon Urie Of Panic! At The Disco Carved Into A Pumpkin Is Equal Parts Creepy And Cool

We've got "High Hopes" for Halloween

October 16, 2018
Panic! At The Disco


Everything is a bit more spooky around Halloween. Even the adorable Brendon Urie can catch a case of the creepy come October.

The face of the Panic! At The Disco singer was carved into a pumpkin this week, by "Professional Extreme Holiday Pumpkin Carver" Jon Neill. The result is a perfect blend of cool, and of course...creepy.

What did you do to sweet, sweet Brendon? Those eyes are filled with darkness now, and a speck of sweetness.

This is not Neill's first foray into turning handsome rockstars into cold-sweat terror-filled lawn ornaments. Take a look at what he did to Jon Bon Jovi.

If you got it, haunt it. Thanks for keeping our nightmares alive. Happy Halloween.



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