Celebrate Halsey Hitting Number One With Her Five Biggest Videos

"Without Me" is the top song in the country

January 8, 2019

Three months after its release, Halsey has hit the top of the Billboard chart with "Without Me." The song of sadness and overcoming has continued to climb since October, and is now Halsey's first number one song as a lead artist. The song is her second stop at the top though, hitting number one in 2016 along with The Chainsmokers and "Closer."

"I'm speechless" she tweeted after receiving news on the empowering anthem. "This song came out of a very lonely place and the past few weeks have showed me just how loved and supported I could be. Thank you guys for everything. I don’t even know what to say."

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With all the excitement for our favorite emo enthusiast, ally and advocate, and all-around amazing human, it seemed like the perfect time to look back at Halsey's biggest videos and relive the road that led us here.

#5 - "Now Or Never"

In a sprawling epic, Halsey fights for love against the odds and the forces that seek to separate them. In her directorial debut, the singer and storyteller borrows imagery from Romeo + Juliet and maybe a shirt from the DiCaprio collection, to ratchet up the tension for two star-crossed lovers.

#4 - "Ghost"

The second video for Badlands "Ghost" was shot in Tokyo, and captures all the neon hues of the city. Here the mood alternates from lust to loneliness, capturing the rollercoaster of infatuation from the album's closer.

#3 - "Without Me"

The biggest song in the country comes complete with a gut-wrenching video, featuring a toxic relationship meeting its ultimate demise. "It’s a reminder that you deserve more" Halsey wrote upon its release in October. "It’s okay to not want to be taken advantage of. By your partners, your friends, your family.”

#2 - "Colors"

Posh and sensual, beneath the pressed white exterior are some big secrets in "Colors." Everyone wants something they can't have, where obsession is silent and sexy. Until it isn't. A different look for Halsey, but the same undercurrent of emotions makes colors an amazing visual.

#1 - "Bad At Love"

Halsey's biggest video of all time is a continuation of her "Now Or Never" story, now on the run and in the desert. Wanted by the law, she gets lucky by walking into the coolest gas station in America, and meeting a new gang of friends. Raise a glass to the fugitive life.