Rob Thomas on the Counting Crows Conversation That Inspired "One Less Day (Dying Young)"

The new song came from a talk that Thomas had on tour

February 20, 2019

"It's a song about getting older" explains Rob Thomas about his new song "One Less Day (Dying Young)."

"It's about the idea that every day that you get older is one less day that you didn't die young, and how I think the idea of getting older is a privilege. It's not afforded to everyone."

The song marks the return of Thomas with his first new music since 2015's The Great Unknown. It's the lead single from his upcoming album Chip Tooth Smile, due out on April 26th. In the exclusive interview above, Thomas tells us that the song was first sparked during a conversation on tour with Adam Duritz of the Counting Crows, discussing how they were both too old to die young. "Well every day that you get though, you're still one less day from dying young" Duritz said to the "Lonely No More" singer.

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It's an idea that stuck with Thomas, and the passing of a few close friends helped cement how important every day was. "Every day that you go to sleep, is a day that you survived and you kinda beat life." It's a message that shines through on "One Less Day (Dying Young)", another emotional gem from the skilled songwriter.

Chip Tooth Smile was produced by long-time friend Butch Walker, who has been at the helm for albums from Weezer, Pink, and Fall Out Boy. "The record on the whole, it's pretty autobiographical" notes Thomas. "A lot of times I write songs that are about me, and then I try to figure out how they can relate to other people and make them more universal. But these songs are a little bit more specifically about me, about growing up, and about getting older."

Watch the video above for the full conversation with Rob Thomas, to learn more about the recording of Chip Tooth Smile and the personal story behind the album title. Chip Tooth Smile is available everywhere on April 26th, and Thomas will start the Chip Tooth Tour on May 28th. You can find the full list of dates here.