Jaguars Asked, She Answered: Lauren Jauregui Tells Us Her Dream Collaborations

The "More Than That" singer is serving up answers to your biggest questions

January 12, 2019

With only limited time to sit down with Lauren Jauregui, we could have been selfish and asked our own questions, but that's not our style. We asked what you wanted to know about the "More Than That" singer, and the Jaguars delivered.

Some questions were sweet, some were hilarious, and some we're still in our feelings about. For the most part though, they were all the things that we wanted to know too! So this totally worked out.

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Watch above as Jauregui tackles the first question in our exclusive AMA. It's from Maddy, who wants to know, "if you could collaborate with any artist for your future albums who would you choose?"

Of course she couldn't pick just one, but instead it's a cool wishlist from every corner of the musical universe. Check out who she chooses above.

On Friday, Jauregui released her second single "More Than That." The flirtatious bop walks to the line with a seductive strut, just enough to tantalize and tempt. It's another strong showcase for the soulful and powerful voice of Jauregui, who has turned up the anticipation for her debut solo album to another level.

We've still got plenty of your questions, so be sure to check for more from our Lauren Jauregui AMA throughout the week. And for more on her new single "More Than That", watch below as Lauren takes us inside the meaning of the song.