Stephen Puth Gets a Proper and Powerful Introduction on "Half Gone"

The singer gives a piece away on his first single of the year

March 5, 2019

Last year many were pleasantly surprised to learn that there was another strong and soulful member of the Puth Family.

Stephen Puth is the younger brother of award-winning artist Charlie Puth, and he made the jump from songwriter to performer late last year with the song "Sexual Vibe." The song offered a mature groove, a dark and smoky turn in the spotlight that served as a perfect preview for the younger Puth's career. Now he's back with a different vibe.

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"Half Gone" serves as an official introduction to Stephen's style, a longing and hefty tune about giving your heart away when you fall in love. It's a deep and rich piece of pop, that comes with an sad story of a video to drive it home. "Half Gone" shows a different side of Stephen, and ups the odds of the younger Puth breaking through in a big way for 2019.

An EP from Stephen Puth is due later this year.