Watch Kit Harington Get Owned By Toothless From 'How To Train Your Dragon'

Jon Snow still knows nothing, about dragons

December 14, 2018
Kit Harington

Matt Winkelmeyer / Staff

The adventures of Hiccup and Toothless are about to continue, as How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World concludes the trilogy on February 22nd, 2019. While we are anxious to see the story, and are curious to learn what lies in this "Hidden World", we're mostly here for a dose of dragons to hold us over until Game Of Thrones finally returns.

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As you know, Jon Snow himself, Kit Harington is the voice of dragon trapper Eret. In honor of the third installment of the film franchise coming soon, Dreamworks has released a video showing Harington auditioning with the one and only Toothless, back in 2010. Not only does Toothless knock Kit around, but he openly mocks him and sneezes on him, showing zero regard for the King Of The North.

To be fair to Toothless, Game Of Thrones didn't start until a year after How To Train Your Dragon debuted. At the time of this "filming", Toothless is a much bigger deal, but probably didn't need to flex it on set as much as he does here.

After a rough day at work, Harington seems concerned with his brooding demeanor, asking the dragon if it's too much. "Be honest Toothless, do I come across as too broody? Because half the time, I’m just trying to figure out where I left my keys.”

And so begins shipping season for two of our favorite characters. The Hidden World hits theaters on February 22nd, and Game Of Thrones returns in April.