But What About the Worst Picture Nominees? The Razzie Awards Return

It's the opposite of Oscar

January 22, 2019

Melissa McCarthy has managed three nominations in the past two days.

One of them is for her performance in Can You Ever Forgive Me?, in which she plays a real-life author who turns to a life of crime. For her portrayal of Lee Israel, McCarthy has been nominated for an Academy Award.

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It's an honor that comes less than 24 hours after her other two nominations, one for the role of a foul-mouthed puppet partner and one as a divorcee dance-off mom. Those two landed her in a different category though. They earned her a nomination for Worst Actress at the 39th Annual Razzie Awards.

The Razzies are a response to the Oscars, and have become a fun way to talk about some of the box office misses and critical disappointments of the year in film. This year McCarthy takes on Jennifer Garner for PeppermintAmber Heard for London FieldsHelen Mirren for Winchester, and Amanda Seyfried for her role in The Clapper.  

As for the men, Worst Actor nominees include Johnny Depp for Sherlock Gnomes, Will Ferrell for Holmes & WatsonJohn Travolta for Gotti, Bruce Willis for Death Wish, and President Donald Trump for his roles in Death of a Nation and Fahrenheit 11/9.    

Last year the "honor" of Worst Picture went to The Emoji Movie, but this year there is a fresh batch of films up for the the distinction. They are ​Gotti, The Happytime MurdersHolmes & WatsonRobin Hood, and Winchester.

The "winners" will be announced on February 23rd, the night before the 91st Annual Academy Awards.