See Lady Gaga At A Dive Bar Near You

October 4, 2016
Lady Gaga is choosing the intimacy of dive bars over huge arenas for her new album, Joanne.

Beginning this week, you can see Gaga at a few dive bars across the country to celebrate her start and the feel of Joanne. The album was named after her aunt who died at 19. Joanne also happens to be Lady Gaga's real middle name.

Gaga says, "I love this dive bar tour so much, because I get to go perform these songs and really look my fans in the eyes when I'm singing to them and really try to have a more natural human experience," she said, instead of a "giant" space between her and an arena audience.

All of the undisclosed stops will be posted on Bud Light's Facebook Page, but if you can't be there the shows on 10/20 and 10/27 will be streamed live.

-Mike Draup

Photo: USA Today