Actress Rebel Wilson Teases ‘Pitch Perfect 4’

The Bellas are back!

October 2, 2018
Rebel Wilson arrives at the "Pitch Perfect 3" Los Angeles Premiere


Pitch Perfect is pretty much our dream version of college: fierce ladies who manage to still maintain perfect harmonies despite all of the craziness that gets thrown at them.  

The only slightly exaggerated depiction of what college is actually like has been filled with plenty of singing battles over its three movies. Now, it looks like the Bellas are teasing Pitch Perfect 4.

Actress Rebel Wilson recently shared a photo with some of the other Bellas, all conveniently holding up four fingers. Is this just the newest pose trend, or does that four mean we're getting a new Pitch Perfect film?

Fans are freaking out in the replies and we honestly couldn’t relate more.