Echosmith and Audien Give an Inside Look at Their Perfect Pairing on “Favorite Sound”

Hear about their honest single from the new friends

March 15, 2019

Echosmith and Audien recently teamed up to deliver a super relatable song about the mess of thoughts that live inside our brains. With busy agendas that span from day to day life to those of us with huge ambitions to casually take over the world, finding time to just be comfortable with yourself can be a struggle. 

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As Echosmith’s Sydney Sierota perfectly explained to RADIO.COM, their latest release “Favorite Sound” is an ode to the often uncomfortable thoughts swirling around in our heads. As we’re left to overthink even the smallest details, being left along to our thoughts can seem daunting. Sydney says differently. 

“The real message behind the song is really being able to filter through all those thoughts. And to choose to listen to the good ones, and making that become your favorite song,” she explains alongside her new friend, producer Audien. 

With no new album since their 2013 debut Talking Dreams, Echosmith is readying for their next era with the help of Audien’s recognizable beats on “Favorite Sound.” Hear from the pair on the new single in the video above.