EXCLUSIVE: Elton John Saved Mumford & Sons’ GRAMMY Experience

"It's a living nightmare!"

October 3, 2018
Mumford & Sons


According to Mumford & Sons, Elton John is now officially known as the Fairy God Mother of Rock Bands.

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After recently returning with single “Guiding Light,” the band is looking back to reflect on their life-changing GRAMMY moment. Getting ready to accept the award for Album of the Year for 2012’s Babel made them nervous wrecks, turning the career-highlight into a nightmare. 

Little did they know, there was only one thing that could save them from embarrassing themselves on live TV: Elton John.

Way to totally ruin telling the story!

The beloved Mumford & Sons also joined us for the most captivating performance of “Guiding Light,” celebrating their return with the stunning single. Check back for more Mumford & Sons exclusives soon and watch the stirring performance below!