Fans React to Blink-182 Teasing a Collaboration With The Chainsmokers

The Blink song Halsey sang about in “Closer” is becoming a reality

January 17, 2019
Blink-182, The Chainsmokers

Admedia / Dan MacMedan

When Blink-182 took to Twitter last night to tease that they had just written a song with The Chainsmokers, reactions spanned from quoting Weezer’s “Say It Ain’t So” to pure excitement.

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Blink has been experimenting with genre crossovers. After appearing on Steve Aoki’s recent album, the band is back for EDM round two with the teasing of an unexpected collab. 

In a brief Twitter exchange, hit-making producer duo The Chainsmokers revealed that they had just wrapped up a writing session with the iconic pop punk band.

Reactions are essentially split 50/50 as fans of The Chainsmokers are super stoked, while the alt scene is pretty concerned… Blink has always managed to balance keeping themselves relevant and updating their sound with staying true to their roots, so we’re not crying “Sell Out” (the scene version of crying wolf) just yet.

Here are some of our favorite reactions to their collab announcement: