Jaguars Asked, She Answered: Lauren Jauregui Explains How Cheerios Fit Into Her Pre-Show Ritual

Hear how she prepares for her captivating performances

January 25, 2019

As Lauren Jauregui continues to take over with her solo singles “More Than That” and “Expectations,” the logical next step has to be a solo tour. Right? Please!

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With dozens of concerts already under her belt, Lauren has developed some pre-show rituals that help her get fired up for a performance. After her flawless performance on the Late Late Show, there has to be some magic secret about how she prepares herself for a show.

Tara is trying to get to the bottom of it and asked Lauren about what she does before she takes the stage. Get her answer in the video above. 

Lauren’s concert prep includes everything from eating too many snacks to good practices that keep her powerful vocals in their best shape.

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