Jaguars Asked, She Answered: Lauren Jauregui Reveals the Empowering Song She Lives by

The fierce track perfectly matches Lauren

January 22, 2019

We’re back with part two of our Ask Me Anything with queen Lauren Jauregui! After Jaguars submitted some super thoughtful and very pressing questions for the “More Than That” singer, we knew we had to ask her your questions.

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Today’s question is from Twitter user @cubansel, who’s asking Lauren to do some time traveling. Reem wants to know what empowering song Lauren would have dedicated to her younger self. Her answer is very fitting and says a lot about her transformation into the fierce solo artist she is today.

“She’s so vulnerable in it and just talks to the truth about being yourself,” she explains of her inspiring choice. Watch the video above to find out her answer!

Hot off the release of temptress single “More Than That,” Lauren explained to us how the "sassy little joint" came about. Get a look into her latest release in the exclusive below and click here for our collection of Lauren Jauregui content.