John Mayer Gets Vulnerable on Tender New Song “I Guess I Just Feel Like”

Listen to his first release of the new year

February 22, 2019

John Mayer is back with his first new music since 2018 single “New Light.”

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With dozens of tour dates across the globe lined up for his next few months, the guitar god and emotive singer is preparing with a brand new tune.  

The laid-back “I Guess I Just Feel Like” tells of mistrust, with Mayer admitting his own flaws while dancing on top of acoustic guitar and understated drums. The humble and gentle track comes as the perfect proof of his recovery as a self-described “ego addict.”

Country twang courtesy of a singing guitar line is reminiscent of his 2013 album Paradise Valley, where a cowboy-hat-topped Mayer stands proud on the cover. Culminating in a funky guitar solo, the new tune is exactly what fans have been asking for him to produce.

Listen to the brand new “I Guess I Just Feel Like” in the video above.