Khalid Shares New Song Teaser on Twitter

We need the song now, please!

November 26, 2018
Khalid. 2018 American Music Awards


Khalid is still fresh off the release of Suncity, a seven-song EP that kicked off a new chapter for the American Teen artist. Despite gifting the world with new jams just over a month ago, he’s already gearing up for the debut of new music.

Khalid is basically the king of Twitter at this point and, aside from being able to respond to tweets in 3 seconds flat, he also always delivers what the people want. From giving fans a video for “Better” just hours after they asked for it to sharing a 40-second preview of a new song, we can always count on him.

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The grooving and adorable song tells of wanting to reshape the apple of his eye’s opinion of love by treating them right. Listen to a snippet of the song below: