Little Mix Drops Breakup Anthem “Told You So”

Listen to the comforting song here

November 9, 2018

Little Mix is continuing their trend of empowering bops with “Told You So,” a breakup anthem that’ll have you back on your feet in no time.

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The acoustic track showcases their vocals that sing comforting lyrics to a friend with a broken heart. The girls assure listeners that no one will love you like they do, bringing the aid of good friends to their side. Is anyone else feeling like they need to be best friends with the girls after listening to this?

A more laid-back and emotional song differs from explosive jams like “Woman Like Me” and “Joan of Arc” but continues with their signature girl power and self-love.  When you’re in your feels, listen to this new groove to get some encouragement from the British queens.

Wine and makeup wipes are exactly what we need, how did they know?!