Snoop Dogg Becomes a YouTube Makeup Guru In His Latest Narration Gig

“It’s gon’ be one shade, one blend, one color”

April 23, 2019

Along with being a musician, an actor, and a chef, Snoop Dogg has also taking on the role as one of the most soothing voices ever. Tread carefully Morgan Freeman, Snoop is eyeing your throne with voiceovers like his famed Plizzanet Earth segment.

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On top of helping us follow along with intense animal videos, Snoop is now joining the makeup community with a new YouTube tutorial. He teamed up with NikkieTutorials, a longtime makeup artist and an overall YouTube queen who’s racked up 11M subscribers, to narrate one of her latest videos.

“This that flavor I like here, you know with the caramel brown… it’s a certain flavor she’s looking for,” he comments as Nikkie contours her face. We’re now calling makeup shades flavors, Snoop has made the executive decision.

“Nikkie you looking like a work of art right now, girl go ‘head now.” Get his super supportive commentary in the video above. We’re living for this unexpected combination.