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Johnny Depp Domestic Violence Update

The latest development in the divorce battle between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard is an interesting one. The actress successfully secured a restraining order against Depp. Media outlets are also reporting his 2015 "hand injury" allegedly happened during a physical fight with Amber. EXCLUSIVE: Johnny...
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Every TV Death This Season

If you look at this handy-dandy chart you might notice one thing about the state of TV. When you need a plot twist, kill someone off. There have been an amazing 236 character deaths this season (let's all pour one out for Hodor). Are we at a stage where we are not into a show unless we see death...
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Rage Against The Machine, Public Enemy Members Are "Not A Supergroup"

The newly formed "Prophets of Rage" held their first performance last night in Hollywood. The band is made up of members of Rage Against The Machine, Public Enemy, and Cypress Hill. They perform songs from all three artists' catalogues. But don't call them a "supergroup." Tom Morello of Rage...
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'Ugly Naked Guy' From 'Friends' Finally Revealed!

For all of you that have been dying to put a face to that naked body, the actor who played 'ugly naked guy' on Friends has been revealed. He only appeared on the show twice, but was referred to all the time. The role was never credited, but his name is Jon Haugen. A Huffington Post reporter spent...
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Wondering What A $14,000 Smartphone Comes With?

An Israeli startup, Sirin Labs, has introduced their first smartphone, and it costs $14,000. I assumed it must be plated in gold. For the most part the phone is a high end Anroid device, similar to a Samsung Galaxy S7. So why does this cost $13,300 more? Because it has a switch on the back that...
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