Irish Pub Bans ‘Sweet Caroline’ Sing-Alongs Due to Health Concerns

An Irish pub in Spain is taking a big step in protecting against coronavirus, banning “Sweet Caroline” from being played, believing sing-alongs could increase the spread of the virus.
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112 Reveals New Music and COVID-19 Diagnosis: 'It’s Not a Game, People Need to Put a Mask On'

The conversation started off with Slim, as he disclosed that fellow group member Mike was at home,“fighting the virus,” referring to the current worldwide pandemic of COVID-19.
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Anthony Fauci Baseball Card Shatters Sales Record for Topps Now

After Dr. Anthony Fauci tossed out a memorable first pitch to open the 2020 MLB season, Topps Now released a baseball card to commemorate the event and it flew off the shelves.
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Does Anyone Remember February? Looking Back at the Pre-Pandemic World

What songs were you pumping? What movies did you hit the theater to see? What will Elon Musk and Grimes name their child? WHO THE HELL IS JOE EXOTIC? All perfectly normal questions in late February/early March 2020…
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New Coronavirus Experiment Aims to See How Virus Can Be Prevented at Large Concerts

Researchers in Germany are recruiting volunteers between the ages of 18 and 50 for a “coronavirus experiment” to attend a concert with singer-songwriter Tim Bendzko on August 22 at an indoor stadium in Leipzig.
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Live Concert Streams to Watch During Coronavirus Crisis (Updating)

As concerts continue to be cancelled over coronavirus concerns, some artists are offering live concert streams to keep you connected at home. Here’s our updating list of what to watch.
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Walmart Planning Pop Up Drive-In Theaters In 160 Store Parking Lots

Walmart will be rolling out the red carpet experience for a combined 320 family-friendly showings through October, featuring hit movies, special appearances from filmmakers and celebs, and concessions being delivered right to customer’s cars.
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Demi Lovato Is 'Hurt' She Can't Give Grandfather Proper Funeral Amid Pandemic

In a post on Instagram, Lovato paid tribute saying she will always remember him as “one of the best preachers I’ve ever had the honor of witnessing spread the word of God.”
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Coachella and Stagecoach Festivals Officially Cancelled for 2020

Goldenvoice, the company behind both Coachella and Stagecoach, has been in close communication with health officials about the future for the festivals.
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San Diego Comic-Con@Home Will be in July - and It's Free for All

San Diego Comic-Con is going to be online, free for everyone and you can participate from home. San Diego Comic-Con was canceled in April due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
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Crazy Frog is Planning to Return in 2020

Well, it’s 2020. So on top of a worldwide pandemic, killer bees (sorry, “murder hornets”), and asteroids the size of the Empire State Building whizzing past the planet – we now have new Crazy Frog music to look forward to.
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