'Coronavirus Daily': The Economy, Keeping the Faith, and MLB Opening Day

“Coronavirus Daily” dives into the economy, keeping the faith during a pandemic, and Major League Baseball. Listen to the podcast episode here and see the details.
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McDonald’s Takes Heat for Separating Golden Arches to Urge Social Distancing

Restaurants have been mostly limited to take out or delivery in many parts of the country. McDonald’s is taking heat for separating its golden arches to promote social distancing.
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Airbnb to Offer Free or Subsidized Housing to Thousands of Coronavirus Healthcare Workers

Airbnb is offering free or subsidized housing to health care workers on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic. Airbnb homes will have to meet cleanliness standards by Airbnb-selected medical experts. See the details.
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Coronavirus: Less Common Symptoms That Are Being Reported

While coronavirus has spread unpredictably throughout the world in 2020, reports of new, less common symptoms are adding to the confusion. These are some lesser known COVID-19 symptoms to look out for.
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Virtually 'Adopt A Grandparent' During the Coronavirus Pandemic

CHD Living, a South London-based, family-owned group of care facilities, launched an “Adopt a Grandparent” campaign to help combat loneliness during the coronavirus pandemic. Find out more about the campaign now.
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‘Desperately Seeking Susan’ Star Mark Blum Dies From Coronavirus

Mark Blum, who starred opposite Madonna in Desperately Seeking Susan, has died due to complications from the coronavirus. He was 69. Blum was a veteran theater actor and also recently appeared on the Netflix series ‘You.’
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Woman Finds Bizarre Way to Self-Isolate While Grocery Shopping During Coronavirus Pandemic

While many of us are social distancing, a woman thought of a creative way to do it. A woman in England has taken self-isolation to a whole other level.
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Singing UPS Driver Spreads Joy in Uplifting Video

While many people self-isolate under stay-at-home orders, workers all over the country are still venturing out to do essential jobs. A new uplifting video of a UPS driver singing in his trunk during his lunch break will make you smile.
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Woman Coughs on $35,000 Worth of Produce in 'Twisted' Grocery Store Prank

The co-owner of Gerrity’s, the grocery chain, alleged on Facebook that the woman purposefully coughed on and destroyed an estimated $35,000 worth of goods. Read more to find out how the store is handling the situation.
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Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande Secretly Giving Fans Cash to Help During Coronavirus Closures

Both Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande have reportedly been sending cash to fans that have been affected by coronavirus closures across the country.
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