Should You Go to the Gym During the Coronavirus Outbreak?

With the coronavirus outbreak sweeping the globe, many people who have prioritized their fitness are left wondering if it’s still safe to go to the gym. Find out what a doctor recommends.
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SXSW Canceled Due to Coronavirus

Austin city officials announced on Friday afternoon that the film, tech and music conference South by Southwest will be canceled due to fears over the coronavirus outbreak.
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Tito's Warns Consumers Against Using Vodka as Hand Sanitizer

We shouldn’t have to say this but as anxiety over staying healthy and practicing good hygiene and proper hand-washing during the coronavirus outbreak grows, some people are turning to Tito’s Vodka. Here’s why that’s a bad idea.
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Coronavirus Symptoms: What to Look Out For

The COVID-19 Coronavirus began in Wuhan, China, but has quickly spread around the world, leading many to wonder if their illness is related to the outbreak. Here are the COVID-19 symptoms to look for and when to contact a doctor.
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NBA Players Told to Stop High-Fiving, Autographing for Fans Due to Coronavirus Outbreak

NBA players have been told to change how they interact with fans as the Coronavirus becomes more prevalent, per a new report. Read more on RADIO.COM Sports.
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The Surgeon General Wants Americans to Stop Buying Face Masks

Amid the growing coronavirus concerns, prices of medical face masks have gone up with Americans fearing that they may catch the deadly illness. But the United States’ top doctor is now saying that the masks may not be effective.
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Worried Airplane Passengers Wrap Themselves in Full-Body Plastic to Protect Against Coronavirus

As panic over the coronavirus outbreak as swept across the world, people still remain on high alert. On a flight, worried passengers were seen wrapped in plastic to protect themselves from the coronavirus.
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People Are Confusing Coronavirus With Imaginary Corona Beer Virus

Google searches spiked for the phrase ‘Corona beer virus’ after news circulated about the deadly coronavirus that could be spiraling across the globe from China to the United States.
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EDM Waterpark Party Draws Thousands in Wuhan, China

The Wuhan Maya Beach Water Park hosted an outdoor EDM concert offering a stark contrast to the situation the Chinese city found itself in earlier on this year. Organizers of the event restricted capacity to 50% from the normal size of 15,000.
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