Taylor Swift Surprises Nurse With Gifts and a Handwritten Note

When Taylor Swift learned that one of her superfans is a Utah nurse who traveled to New York City to assist coronavirus frontline medical workers, the singer sent the woman a care package consisting of a handwritten note and more.
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Madonna Says She Has Virus Antibodies, Ready to 'Breathe in the COVID-19 Air'

Madonna admits losing a cousin and two friends to COVID-19 but says she has received an antibodies test and is now defiant and ready to take on the virus herself.
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Justin Timberlake Updates 'It's Gonna Be May' Meme for 2020

The adorably curly-haired 2000s-era Justin Timberlake photos, with the misquoted ‘IT’S GONNA BE MAY’ lyrics have become as much a staple in our online lives as the platforms we post them on. JT apparently knows this and has given us an update.
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JP Saxe and Julia Michaels Assemble A-List Artists for 'If the World Was Ending' Video

Doctors Without Borders is very close to the heart of JP Saxe and Julia Michaels, who have used their hit “If the World Was Ending” to recruit a few famous friends, and raise some money for the organization.
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Eminem Donating Rare Jordan Shoes for COVID-19 Relief

The sneakers, one of just ten pairs, were created in 2015 to benefit the Marshall Mathers Foundation and have fetched between $20-$30K in the past.
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This Quarantine 'Friends' Theme Cover Has Jennifer Aniston's Approval

Irish singer JC Stewart watched along with the rest of the world as his quarantine version of the ‘Friends’ theme song went viral after Jennifer Aniston shared it to her Instagram story on Tuesday.
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Kentucky Governor Apologizes to Tupac Shakur After Denying Unemployment, Thinking It Was a Joke

Tupac Shakur has been struggling for the past month, after being denied unemployment in Kentucky because the local government thought it was a joke.
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Poll: Most Americans Won’t Attend Concerts Until There’s a Coronavirus Vaccine

A new Reuters/Ipsos opinion poll shows that a majority of Americans prefer to stay home rather than attending concerts, movie theaters, sporting events, and amusement parks without a COVID-19 vaccine in place.
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NYC Firefighter Plays Epic Guitar Version of 'The Star Spangled Banner' to Honor Healthcare Workers

NYC firefighter Louis DeRosa has gone viral for his stirring, wailing-guitar version of ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’ while standing atop a fire engine outside New York-Presbyterian Hospital in Manhattan during a tribute to healthcare workers.
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Post Malone’s Nirvana Tribute Gets Seattle Seal of Approval From Krist Novoselic, Courtney Love

Post Malone joined the ever-growing list of artists providing performances from home amid the worldwide coronavirus crisis, offering music fans a set of Nirvana classics all with the proper Seattle seals of approval.
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EDM Waterpark Party Draws Thousands in Wuhan, China

The Wuhan Maya Beach Water Park hosted an outdoor EDM concert offering a stark contrast to the situation the Chinese city found itself in earlier on this year. Organizers of the event restricted capacity to 50% from the normal size of 15,000.
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