Cardi B's 'Coronavirus' Remix Is a Hit, and She's Donating the Proceeds

Cardi B plans to donate funds from the viral “Coronavirus” Remix to local food banks and shelters, announcing her intentions as the song continues to climb the charts.
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Gal Gadot Recruits Will Ferrell, Natalie Portman, and More for At-Home 'Imagine' Cover

Wonder Woman has arrived to lift our spirits. Gal Gadot has assembled an all-star group of artists and actors to cover John Lennon’s “Imagine,” in an effort to show we’re all in this together.
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Bride and Groom Kiss Through Surgical Masks Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

A bride and groom didn’t take any chances while walking down the aisle amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The couple tied the knot wearing surgical masks and even sealed the union with a kiss through the protective accessories
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How to Talk to Your Kids About Coronavirus

Talking to kids about the COVID-19 coronavirus can be difficult, but parents needs to inform children about the pandemic so they can practice safe hygiene and feel secure.
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Kevin Bacon Launches Six Degrees Campaign to Promote Social Distancing

Kevin Bacon launches 6 Degrees Campaign for social distancing. He is reminding fans that we are all only ‘6 Degrees’ away from one another and advising everyone to stay home to keep people safe.
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Drake Reportedly Self-Quarantined After Spending Time With Kevin Durant

Last week Drake and Kevin Durant hit the town in West Hollywood, this week both are potentially quarantined. Drake is reportedly spending time alone after spending time with the NBA star who has tested positive for coronavirus.
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Study Finds People With Type A Blood May Be More Likely to Get Coronavirus

A new preliminary study from China reveals that your blood type may determine how vulnerable you are to coronavirus. It claims people with Type A blood may be more susceptible over people with Type O. Read more now.
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Break a Sweat During the Coronavirus Pandemic With This Toilet Paper Workout

If self-quarantine is driving you a little stir-crazy, working out may be your saving grace. Many trainers are sharing their workouts online including this workout that swaps weights for toilet paper. Check it out.
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Woman Surprises Quarantined Grandpa With Engagement News Through Window

Carly Boyd was super excited to share that she was engaged with her family and friends. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, there was one loved one she couldn’t show her engagement ring to.
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Coronavirus: How Long Will Your Toilet Paper Last?

If you’re trying to determine how long the toilet paper you have in your home will last you, there is now a calculator that can figure it out for you. Answer a few questions, and you’ll know how long until you need to buy more, check it out here.
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