Coronavirus: Should You Cancel Your Medical Appointments?

As hospitals and medical providers focus their attention on helping coronavirus patients, some people are left asking themselves if they should cancel their upcoming doctor’s appointments. Found out what experts say on the subject here.
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Coronavirus Grocery List: 11 Foods to Stock Up On for a Quarantine

This is a guide to different food items that you may want to keep in stock that will offer you nutrients and variety in your diet during a period of self-isolation amid the coronavirus outbreak.
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Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson Discharged From Australian Hospital, Self-Quarantining at Rental Home

Tom Hanks and wife Rita Wilson, who announced last week they tested positive for coronavirus in Australia, have been discharged from the hospital, their rep said.
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'Pretty Girl Rock' Singer Keri Hilson Claims Coronavirus Caused by 5G Radiation

Keri Hilson has a theory on how coronavirus started. The “Pretty Girl Rock” and “Knock You Down” singer shared on Twitter Sunday night that she believes radiation from the 5G network on phones is to blame for the outbreak.
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Zoom CEO Offers Free Tools for Schools Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Eric Yuan, the CEO of Zoom, is making sure schools have the opportunity to sign up to free accounts for his video conferencing software. See the details.
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Man Stuck with Over 17,000 Bottles of Hand Sanitizer After Being Banned From Selling on Amazon

As news of the coronavirus outbreak began picking up steam, hand sanitizer became quite a hot commodity. Two brothers in Tennessee bought out over 17,000 bottles, but now they can’t sell them! Read the full story.
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Mariah Carey’s ‘Fantasy’: Clean Hands to Avoid Coronavirus

Mariah Carey’s “Fantasy” is that her fans will stay safe during the coronavirus outbreak, and to encourage diligent hand-washing, the diva posted a video of herself washing her hands to the rhythm of one of her hits. Watch the video!
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Coronavirus: Why Are People Buying So Much Toilet Paper?

COVID-19 has caused consumers to behave in unusual ways. A psychologist explains how perceived scarcity of the household product has created a real one.
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Starbucks May Only Allow Mobile and Drive-Thru Orders Due to Coronavirus

Starbucks is considering scaling back its operations by limiting person-to-person contact at its cafes as a precaution to keep customers and employees safe. The coffee giant’s CEO announced the new in-store measures they are exploring on Thursday.
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Walmart and Amazon Are Nearly Sold Out of All Toilet Paper Amid Coronavirus Hoarding

As of Thursday, Walmart, Amazon and Target were nearly wiped out of their online stock of toilet paper and didn’t indicate when they would have more.
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