Casey Osburn

M-F 2p-7p

Casey has loved music and radio since he was a little boy growing up in Newton, KS. He would spend hours in his room spinning records (black, round things that played music for you young’ns) and pretending to be a DJ. He also was fascinated by thunderstorms as a child, and after graduating from Newton High School and Hutchinson Community College, he attended the University of Kansas to pursue a degree in Atmospheric Science. It was after college that he began his radio career, starting with a 19 year stint with Eagle Communications in Hutchinson, KS, before joining the Buzz in 2017.

Casey has one son, Matt, and enjoys playing basketball, watching movies, and always has music on wherever he goes. Casey is a huge Kansas Jayhawk fan and will always be seen at least once per year at Allen Field House in Lawrence to cheer on the Jayhawks.