Couple Finds $100,000 Lottery Ticket in Car

The future is lucky pretty bright for a couple who found a winning lottery ticket in their car’s sun visor, according to “ Today .” Frank Laquitara and Debbie Long-Combs were driving to Virginia when they received an email saying a winning ticket for the August 24 th Powerball lottery had been sold...
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‘Star Trek’ Fans in Canada Told to Stop Drawing Spock on $5 Bills

( 98.7 KLUV ) Star Trek fans in Canada are having a little too much fun with their $5 bills. The bill features a portrait of Canada’s seventh prime minister, Sir Wilfrid Laurier. Star Trek fans have taken to drawing pointy ears and a Vulcan haircut on the bill, transforming Sir Laurier into...
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Did Ashton Kutcher Accidentally Tell The World The Sex Of His Baby?

I think Mila Kunis is pretty chill, but this might not go over well at the Kutcher house. Ashton Kutcher was on Today and slipped up while telling a cute story about his 2 year old little girl. Apparently, adorable Wyatt, "points to Mila and she's like, 'baby brother,'" Kutcher told Savannah...
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