New York City

The #CuteAnimalTweetOff Is Making Twitter Great Again

If you don't open your Twitter app very often, here's a reason to start again - or maybe even to sign up for the first time! Zoos around the country are having a #CuteAnimalTweetOff! It all started when the Smithzonian National Zoo in Washington, D.C., tweeted this photo of a baby gray seal pup: We...
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VIDEO: Watch Rihanna Protest Outside Trump Tower

Washington, D.C., got most of the attention for their Women's March on Saturday, but thousands came out in cities across America including New York City. One of them happened to be Rihanna: -Mike Draup Photo: USA Today
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Rihanna Posts Plea After Dancer Is Reported Missing

Shirlene Quigley, a 32-year-old backup dancer who has performed with some of the most recognizable singers in the world (including Beyoncé, Rihanna, Missy Elliott and Jamie Foxx) has gone missing. Rihanna posted a video of Quigley and pleading for anyone who has seen her to notify the North Bergen...
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