Justin Bieber Calls Out The Weeknd's Music As 'Wack'

Okay, let's stop acting like we're in middle school. Although in celebrities' defense, TMZ does provoke them. Justin Bieber was asked if he listens to The Weeknd's music. The Weeknd has been romantically connected to Justin's ex, Selena Gomez. So basically they asked if he listens to the music his...
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Fake Justin Bieber Arrested

A man was allegedly posing as Justin Bieber, and getting the singer's underage fans to send him nude photos. He has been arrested. Gross. The guy, identified as Bryan Asrary, was picked up for reportedly using Bieber's (since deleted) Instagram page to find young female fans. In 2014, Asrary...
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VIDEO: Justin Bieber Breaks Down In Tears During Concert

If you're a Bieber hater you might laugh at this moment, but it looks pretty genuine to me. Justin Bieber was peforming in Germany and started crying while performing "Purpose." It looks like he was overcome with emotion, and I'd call these tears of joy. He's been through a lot the last few years,...
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Woman Gets Revenge On Cheating Boyfriend And Justin Bieber Is Involved

A woman in England found a creative way to get revenge on her cheating ex. Backstory: Dan cheated on Harriet so she dumped him. Before this happened they were going to go to the Justin Bieber concert. After the breakup Dan asked for money for the Bieber ticket, and Harriet agreed to pay him back -...
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Justin Bieber Asks Crowd To Stop Screaming, Then This Happened

Justin Bieber apparently has a lot to say. He was performing in Manchester over the weekend, and when he kept trying to talk, the crowd kept screaming (with some booing mixed in). Eventually Bieber got frustrated, dropped the mic, and left! y'all really having a go at the manc crowd for screaming...
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What Happened When Justin Bieber's Credit Card Was Declined At Subway?

It has happened to all of us. Even if your credit or debit card is in good standing, it just won't work sometimes. It happened to Adele and President Obama recently. It happened to Justin Bieber at Subway this week. Luckily someone else in the restaurant offered to pay for his meal and Bieber...
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